Brass Era & 'Teens
Fraternal tail lamp lense If you belong to the Fraternal Order of Eagles, know someone that does, or are a collector of unusual one-on-a-king automobilia, take a look at this for your collection. Here is the genuine, original, new old stock lens, in brilliant ruby red glass. Diameter is 3", and fits 90% of all of the cars on the road during the teens and twenties, for both kerosene and electric lamps. This was the time when fraternal organizations were blossoming and were the social centers of small towns, and drivers were eager to show their persuasions. 0385 $10.00
Fraternal tail lamp lense If you are a member of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows, or a collectory of neat stuff, look at this lense, and the one above this! 0386 $15.00

Grease Fitting, small

The ultimate grease fitting for any brass-era car! Solid brass and intricately made, and a real crowd-stopper.. Yes, this is beautiful New Old Stock (NOS).


Grease Fitting, large

The ultimate grease fitting for any brass-era big car. Beautiful nickle over solid brass. New Old Stock (NOS). Stamped patent date is April 10, 1917


Alemite Grease Fittings

The real McCoy. New Old Stock (NOS) brass, used on virtually every car during the early 'teens through the late twenties.


Alemite Grease Fittings

The real McCoy. New Old Stock (NOS) nickle over brass. These were used in various locations in most every car during the 'teens and twenties. Specify: 90 degree with 1/4" pipe, 90 degree with 1/8" pipe, 45 degree with 1/8" pipe, or Straight with special adaptor, when ordering.


Oil Cups

Used on most early model water pumps, distributors, or anywhere a shaft is turning. They are just hard to find. New Old Stock (NOS) in various sizes and shapes. Specify type (right angle or straight) and the press-in diamter when ordering.


Battery Switch (Triple)

Today we call this a "headlight switch". Used on very expensive cars from about 1911 through about 1918 that first had batteries. These generally fit into the wooden dash panel or directly in the wooden firewall.

These are New Old Stock (NOS) and are absolutely beatiful! The bright nickle over brass face plates are still wrapped in their original paper envelopes and come with the special mounting screws.


Battery Switch (Double)

Same as the above switch, only a double.


Battery Switch (Single)

Same knock-out quality and New Old Stock (NOS) as the above, only this one is used separately as an ignition switch.

Note that the switch knob is really a key, and it pulls out of the switch when not in use, and it also has a ring on it to be carried on your key chain. We have several of these in stock, and they have different designed "keys". Don't loose your key, because you'll never get another one made at any key shop!


Switch Plates

Maybe you already have switches on your firewall that you can salvage, and just need new face plates? We have extra ones available, complete with screws in their original paper envelopes.


Singles: $18.95

Footman Loops

Here are footman loops with a difference. New Old Stock (NOS), used on the top bows on most roadsters and touring cars to space the bows in position. Here is the real McCoy: 2" center-to-center holes, designed for a 1" wide strap. Note that the ends are finished differently than the new modern ones that are available, and that we have priced these cheaper than the reproductions!


Compartment Lock

New Old Stock (NOS), and with the original "double bit" key! Beautiful nickle over brass finish, used on many big cars for the golf club door, trunks or wherever a lock was desired. Comes complete with finish trim plate.


Igniter Gears

New Old Stock (NOS). This is the gear that fits on the end of your distributor and also the gear that drives it, typically on the generator. Very common parts to fail on most cars from the middle teens up through the thirties! Call with exact make and model--we have most in stock!


Oil Pump Gears

New Old Stock (NOS). From the beginning of oil pumps up through the thirties, we can supply most gear sets. Call with exact make and model--we have most sets in stock!


Gasoline Tank Gauge

New Old Stock (NOS) original, made by Motometer, patent date July 17, 1919. Note the gears--this is purely mechanical. The hand, the face, the paint, and the cork float are perfect in every respect. This gauge was used in many cars of the twenties; it fits under a lens directly in the fuel tank. It can be modified to fit almost any car by lengthing or shortening the arm. (This gear set was also used by Marmon and some other big classics of the early thirties on their electric gauges that were supplied by Motometer as original equipment.)


Door Latch Assemblies

New Old Stock (NOS). Another item right from A.L. Hanson's catalog of hardware and trim--door latches designed to fit in either wood framed doors or can be welded into steel framed doors. "One side fits all".

$89.00 pair

Distributor Points

New Old Stock (NOS). Very early model distributor points--we have 'em all! Most early point sets from the teens trhough the twenties, such as Delco, Northeast, Connecitcut, Westinghouse, Remy, DeJon, Wagner. Call with your exact make and model of car.

most point sets $47.50 and some higher.

Distributor Points

New Old Stock (NOS). Later model distributor points, we have 'em all! From the thirties and newer.

Most point sets $7.50


Most every one available!

most condensors similar to picture: $3.90

Distributor Caps

New Old Stock (NOS). Right from the beginning of distributors. We have all of the very rare, unusual and exotic!



New Old Stock (NOS). Right from the beginning. We have almost every singe one ever made!


"Sweat-On" Battery Cable Ends

For the switch end or ground end of your battery cable. Original copper terminal for original 2/0 6-volt battery cable (1/2" I.D.)


Spark Plug Terminals

Solid brass, New Old Stock (NOS). Typically for cars in the 'teens. Just another super-nice looking accessory item.


Wiper Blade, 7 1/4" long

Blade common on most cars and trucks 1932 and older. Attaching clip will fit almost any type of arm.


Wiper Blade, 8" long

Blade common on most cars and trucks 1932 and older. Attaching clip will fit almost any type of arm.


Wiper Arm

Wire type arm which was used on almost every car of the twenties and early thirties, that fits any wiper motor that has a shallow groove and a hole through the end of the shaft. Over all length is 9 1/2". New Old Stock (NOS), with original dull nickel finish. Can be easily be shortened.


Door Latch Springs

You can rebuild your old door latches very easily by just installing new latch springs. We have most every spring for every car 1929 through the forties. All New Old Stock (NOS)


Door Hinge Pins

For most cars from the twenties up through the thirties--we just need to know the diameter and length of your old ones.

Available in the following diameters" 9/32"; 9/32" plus .010" oversize; 5/16"; 11/32; 11/32" plus .010" oversize.


Headlamp Conduits

Stainless Steel flex loom for headlamps (and some tail lamps) for cars in the twenties and early thirties. This comes in 18" lengths, with finished ends. One length will do two headlamps. Easy to cut to desired length. Beautifully polished.


Stoplite Switch

Original on some, an accessory on others, but this is a "Must Have" for all! This should be on every single car that did not have one as original equipment.

New Old Stock (NOS) accessory switch, made in the twenties, that mounts absolutely any place under the floorboards, and is operated by a simple wire with a spring. Specify which mounting type you would like.


Radiator Hose Clamps, "Double Wire" type

Right from the 'teens! New Old Stock (NOS) wire type clamps that fit almost every car or truck made. Specify the size you need by measuring the INSIDE diameter of your radiator hose!

available in the following sizes: 1"; 1 1/4"; 1 1/2"; 1 7/8"; 2"