Business Opportunities & Lot Purchases

Great opportunities for swap meeters, dealers,
and part-time parts specialists!

We generate various lots of NOS (New Old Stock) antique, obsolete and specialized parts of all different lines that we sell at large discounts to interested buyers. Some lots are just a few pieces for one particular make of car or truck, and others could be substantial lines of parts for all models cars and trucks in large quantities.

We crate and arrange for shipping all over the world!

Presently we are offering:

OFFERING #35 Flywheel Ring Gears

Exotic to common, teens through the sixties. Here is over a forty year accumulation of flywheel ring gears - our entire stock totalling over 1,100 pieces.

Click here to see the entire stock

Priced at only $10.00 each!

Interested? E-Mail us!
Or phone: (303) 534-2022.

OFFERING #30 Ignition Distributor Condensors

Standard condensors, used in almost every single car, truck, engine, 1932-1968! Made in the USA with modern materials and seals--these are not the old ones that will fail and give a warranty problem.

$.78 each in lots of 50 pieces.

Interested? E-Mail us!
Or phone: (303) 534-2022.

OFFERING #28 Model "A" Short Blocks

Attention Model "A" Ford engine rebuilders!

Here is a group of 52) 1928-1931 Model "A" short blocks that we have stored for many years, expecting to rebuild these and to sell them exchange. Now we are offering these for sale as one lot.

We have listed them here by stamped engine serial number, have measured the approximate existing bore size, and noted any cracks in water jackets and valve seats that we can see. We believe that any noted cracks are repairable. If no comments are noted, we could not find any cracks.

Price on this entire inventory is less than $100.00 each ($5,000 for the lot).

These are palletized for easy shipment on nine 4' x 4' pallets, six to a pallet and wrapped in plastic film. They are stackable. Estimated weight is 125 lbs per engine, or 750 lbs per pallet for a total estimated weight of 6,750 lbs.

For shipping costs, we suggest that you contact Yellow Freight (1-800-882-0202), give them your zip code, Vintage Auto Parts' zip code (80204), and tell them that Vintage Auto Parts has a 40% discount on freight. We also suggest that you price shop any other motor freight carriers in your area.

Click here for the complete inventory.

Interested? E-Mail us!
Or phone: (303) 534-2022.

OFFERING #26 Universal Joints

Truck and Industrial applications! For big trucks, off-road machinery, industrial users, power transmission systems and drive line makers.

Here is a stock of universal joints covering most heavy duty applications from the forties up to the present time!

Click here to see the complete inventory.

$22.00 each when sold as a complete lot.

Interested? E-Mail us!
Or phone: (303) 534-2022.

OFFERING #24 Nash Universal Joints

1951-1955 Rambler and Statesman with standard or overdrive transmission, and also fits 1960-1961 "American" models produced in Canada.

This is the rare u-joint where the trunnion diameter measures 1.010" in diameter.

Neapco Part Number: 284700
Nash Part Number: 3119116

$13.50 each in lots of 50 pieces.

Interested? E-Mail us!
Or phone: (303) 534-2022.

OFFERING #24 Axles & Driveshafts

Car and Truck. Axles and driveshafts.
Ford, Studebaker, Pontiac, Plymouth, Chevrolet; Autocar, White, GMC; and everything else in between!
Here is one of the largest stocks of brand new rear axles and driveshafts in the country, all identified by part number and listed on computer. And, of course, you will get the original catalogs to sell these with! How about a wall, forty feet long, 12 feet high, completely loaded with brand new axles and driveshafts.
Over 1,700 axles and driveshafts. This entire stock is priced at only $18,000!
Click here for additional information, pictures of the stock and an inventory list.
Interested? E-Mail us!
Or phone: (303) 534-2022.

OFFERING #22 Thompson-Toledo Valves

Virtually every number ever made from 1913 through 1970 for every car, truck, antique, classic and special interest engine, common or uncommon!
Perfectly inventoried and computer listed, super-clean, complete with original catalogues and ready for sale!
You can buy one, or any small or large quantity at special prices, or you can buy the entire mother-load to either start or expand you own personal business!
Are you interested in related valve
train parts? Just call!
We are estimating that we have over 85,000 valves.
Price: Just $.78 each if you buy the entire lot, subject to final count.
Click here for additional information, pictures of the stock and an inventory list.
Interested? E-Mail us!
Or phone: (303) 534-2022.

OFFERING #25 Gasket Sets: Ford 6-Cylinder

Ford 6-cylinder valve grind gasket sets.

Genuine Ford, and still in the original packaging! Fits all 226 cu. in “G” series motors, 1941-1947!

Quantity: 260 sets

Price: $3.95 each!

Ford Motor Company Part No: 1GA-18387. Victor Part No: HS 1015K. McCord Part No: VG 6182.

Interested? E-Mail us!
Or phone: (303) 534-2022.

OFFERING #1 Entire Piston Ring Business for sale:
thousands of piston ring sets
piston rings in "open stock"

This is an antique, custom and specialty piston ring sales business, with probably one of the largest inventories in the US!

We supply individual rings and complete sets for absolutely any car, truck, engine or special application, 1910 through 1970. We have virtually every standard size, oversize, width, and type from 2" diameter through 6" diameter.

Our customers are from all over the world.

This business is impeccably clean and organized, and the rings are very competitively priced. (Click on "Piston Rings" on the left hand border of this page.) It can be run either full time or part time, out of your home or shop building.

Pictures on the left are typical of several aisles. Click HERE for more information.

Included is original cataloging, gauges and tools, training, back-up support and customer referral.

Price: $85,000.

Looking for an even larger business? E-mail to
Or phone: (303) 534-2022.

OFFERING #3 For the GM parts specialist:


 Front (left and right) motor mounts for:

  • Oldsmobile, 1975: Delta 88 with 400 engine
  • Pontiac 1971-76: All models (except 1971-72 Bonneville, Catalina, 2-door hardtop and 4-door hardtop)
Price: $3.75 each in lots of 10 to 300 pieces.
Anchor/Doan Part No: 2375
GM Part No: 490784, 490785, 498121, 498122, 498123, 9759374
Can you use quantities of other motor and transmission mounts from 1932 through 1980?
Call us with the Anchor/Doan part number. We will give you a price and quantity available check! Interested in getting into the motor mount business in a big way? Ask about our entire stock of motor and transmission mounts–over 10,500 parts–all perfectly inventoried, complete with original catalogues, computerized, and ready for sale!
Click here for additional information, pictures of the stock and an inventory list.
Interested? E-Mail us!
Or phone: (303) 534-2022.

OFFERING #8 Attention carburetor rebuilders and Cadillac/LaSalle parts specialists:

 Carburetors for 1946-1948 Cadillac, New Old Stock (NOS) military surplus. $95.00 each in lots of 5 pieces. These have been sitting for a long time, and will need to be taken apart and "freshened" up. (These are brand new-not rebuilt-and will perform beautifully!)

ALSO: Carburetor cores for 1946-1948 Cadillac, to be rebuilt. $45.00 each in lots of 5 pieces. These are proper for 1946-1948 Cadillac, (Carter WCD) but bolt on and work fine for all models of Cadillac and LaSalle 1937-1948.

Interested? E-Mail us!
Or phone: (303) 534-2022.
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